Who are Utah's dog bite lawyers?

Untitled-1_0000_William Hansen

Bill Hansen


William J. Hansen has been practicing law for more than 30 years, and is one of the most creative and successful personal injury attorneys in Utah.  Bill's level of attention to his clients and their cases is the best you will ever see from an attorney. He has obtained extraordinary recoveries in difficult cases that other attorneys were unwilling to handle, and is known for identifying claims that other attorneys have missed.  Bill receives great pleasure from helping injured individuals restore their lives after devastating accidents.  He has established a reputation as a tough but fair litigator.

JD Lauritzen

J.D. Lauritzen


"J.D. the J.D." works closely with Bill in the firm's dog bite cases.  J.D. received his law degree from the University of Nebraska in 2012.   Before joining Christensen & Jensen, he worked for a small firm that focused on personal injury and civil rights litigation.  He was recently honored with an appointment to the Utah State Bar’s 2017 Leadership Academy.  Prior to law school, J.D. worked as a practice support specialist for a large Salt Lake City law firm, where he assisted attorneys with discovery and other litigation needs.

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