Dogs. We love them, but sometimes they injure innocent people.

If you are bitten by a dog in Utah, what are your rights?

Since 1993

  • What if the dog has never bitten anyone else?
  • What if your child was playing with the dog?
  • What if two dogs were fighting?
  • What if the dog was on a leash?
  • What if the dog tripped you but did not bite you?
  • Who pays the medical bills for a dog bite?
  • What is a reasonable settlement for a dog bite?


In Utah, dog bite cases are affected by several important factors, including state statutes, Utah Supreme Court and Court of Appeals rulings, and the wording of insurance policies. We have handled all of these dog bite issues and more, throughout the state of Utah.

If you have questions about a dog bite, call Utah’s dog bite lawyers.  And check out our blog for our latest posts on Utah dog bite law.