Dog Bit Lawyer in Utah

Earlier this year, concerns were raised about the fate of a dog named Dexter in Santaquin, Utah (Utah County).  As explained in this Deseret News article, a Justice Court judge ruled that Santaquin’s “vicious animal” ordinance was broad enough to include a dog who had accidentally scratched a girl while trying to play.

The city ordinance condemned any “a dog that has bitten, clawed, attacked, chased, harassed, pursued or worried a person without provocation.”

This language is much broader than most “vicious animal” ordinances and state law.

With the assistance of its general counsel, the Humane Society reported that criminal charges would be dropped if the city amended its ordinance.  According to the family’s Facebook page, the city has been working on updated language, and an amendment may be on the City Council agenda next month.

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